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Broth’s taste and smell are irresistible and offer variety and enjoyment.

Have you ever wondered why your dog has to eat the same thing all the time? We all know that, as a rule, changes in diet aren’t good for a dog’s digestion, and constant treats cause obesity and other problems. Broth is now a solution to this dilemma: its simple and healthy ingredients help digestion and offer taste enjoyment. Broth is easy to use, since the product is ready and you can offer it to your dog as you see fit.

Broth supplies liquids to the body.

Animals often suffer from dehydration. Dehydration can cause your dog to consume less liquids while being depleted of fluids at the same time.

The responsible pet owner knows that a dog must always have a dish of clean water. Even when water is available, sometimes it’s too little, or the dog can drink less than she should. Dogs who are fed dry food, or those who eat human food as treats, have an even greater need for liquids. There is also the growing problem of indoor dogs that only get outside twice a day. This can lead to a dog not drinking at all during the day in order to avoid having to wait until the family gets home so that she may relieve herself.


In this case, the regular consumption of broth is a great help and can help keep your pet hydrated at normal levels.

Loss of fluids is associated with symptoms of illness like fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. In these cases, consumption of broth is not harmful and may improve health. Usually, a sick dog does not want to eat or drink, but most dogs won’t refuse broth.

Properly cooked bone broth is a natural source of collagen, which is good for joints and gentle digestion.

We cook broth at least 12 hours to separate the useful parts of the bone (collagen). We never add collagen powder: what’s in our broth is a result of natural ingredients used in the cooking process. Healthy broth comes from bones—never from meat or chicken legs.


Broth contains no fats and is a low-calorie way to keep health in balance.

The result of a long cooking process brings fats to the surface, enabling their removal. For this reason, FoodStudio’s broth has zero fat and is low in calories. Broth is useful to combat obesity, since broth can make a more healthy diet attractive to a dog. Also, broth is great as a snack or a treat replacement. For dogs accustomed to constant snacks and rewards, a spoonful of broth in the dish can offer the same level of enjoyment.