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Properly cooked bone broth is a natural source of collagen. We cook broth at least 12 hours so that we can separate everything beneficial (collagen) from the bone. We never add collagen powder—our product comes from the cooking process of natural raw materials. It’s that simple.

But what is this collagen exactly, and why is it considered a miracle element in health? Shortly, collagen is the body’s main structural protein, which plays an essential role in the structure of tendons, skin, hair, muscles and bones. Collagen holds the human machine together and has been called the body’s glue. The human body produces collagen from the nutrients it gets in food. As we age, collagen production slows and getting collagen from food becomes even more important.

Collagen is critical for a dog’s bones, cartilage, and the support of joints. This should be of special interest to owners of purebred dogs, since purebreds are predisposed to suffer from joint problems. It’s important to monitor your dog’s weight, since extra burdens to joints can be dangerous to a point that good broth won’t help. Broth is, of course, useful as a supportive and preventative role—but it’s a food supplement and not a medicine.

In addition to joints, natural collagen aids digestion. This is gentle on the intestine and a great help with digestive problems. Veterinarians recommend broth for recovery at a variety of stages of illness when consumption of solid foods isn’t possible or permitted.