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Liina Vaher / Estonian Sighthounds Union Chairwoman

My favorite is the elegant Borzoi. Tall in stature and quick, strong joints are essential to this breed. I give them FoodStudio broth to keep them in shape. It’s not only good for their health but they love the taste! Broth is especially good for fast-growing puppies, but it’s also good for older dogs.

All breeds of hounds are born to run and broth is great to keep them in shape.


Kristiina Tammik / Kennel Red Stripe (Ibiza Podenco), photographer

An active dog requires the best diet. FoodStudio’s broth is made from quality ingredients and dogs love the taste. It invigorates their joints, keeps their stomachs in order and their coats shiny. Also shiny is their bowl after they’ve finished eating.


Tiia Ariko / Dog breeding faculty (Estonian University of Life Sciences), breeder, and dog trainer

I recommend FoodStudio’s broth for choosy animals and sport dogs, but it’s also a great helper with digestion problems.