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We make broth by hand and our broth for dogs is no exception. We’re equally serious whether we’re cooking for dogs or humans. The only difference is the recipe. Broth for animals is darker and without seasonings, but it’s equal in quality to our other broths and is even suitable for the human table. For this reason you’ll find “human grade” on our packaging. This means that the product meets the standards of food for humans and, should your dog turn her nose up at it, then you’re free to consume it. It’s of course a matter of taste, but we recommend you add water, a pinch of salt, and herbs.

The ingredients in our broth are worthy of human consumption. We use only organically-farmed raw materials, which means chicken and beef bones raised free range on grasslands, and avoiding all the bad things you learned about in high school chemistry class. Our products are pure, simple, and use 100-percent organic ingredients that are easily understood. Proper broth, which has numerous healthy qualities, is always made from bones – never from meat or chicken legs. It means at least 12 hours of cooking at a low temperature to extract everything good from the bones. It means separating the fat in the cooking process so that the product isn’t too fat or rich in calories.