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  • Broth is a good everyday drink to spoil your dog with a taste experience, offer variety, or raise her level of fluids.
  • Your dog should drink broth if she’s experiencing digestion problems, or if her organism needs strengthened to recover from illness.
  • Use broth with your dog’s regular food as a flavor- or aroma enhancer, or with selective eaters or those which refuse to eat. Pour it on top of dry food or mix it into the meal.
  • It’s also good as a component of homemade food, making it tastier and healthier.


  • For overweight dogs, broth is a good tool to wean the animal off of treats and snacks.
  • Broth is a good training tool for sport dogs. During competitions broth is good for cooling off and calming down.
  • Broth is especially needed for dogs that are pregnant or nursing to keep them healthy and hydrated.
  • In the heat of summer it’s good to keep broth in the freezer and give it to dogs in frozen form. This cools the dog off and gives strength at the same time.