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Author: FoodStudio




  • 100% natural ingredients

The sauces are made from FoodStudio’s own bone broth and liver. All ingredients are either organic or of natural origin.

  • Human grade quality

The raw material selection and production process adhere to the standards used in the preparation of products intended for humans.

  • Contains only one protein source

Simplicity of composition aids in gentle digestion and is helpful for those with food intolerance or allergies.

  • High collagen levels

Supports joint and coat health. The long boiling process of bone broth results in the natural release of collagen from the bones. The addition of liver further enhances the collagen content.

  • Low calorie

Products have very low fat content. Fat separated from the bones in FoodStudio’s animal broths, and the broths are entirely fat-free. The minimal fat in the sauces comes from the added liver.

  • Strong aroma and taste

Extremely attractive to pets with sensitive olfactory and gustatory senses. Primarily used as a flavor enhancer in daily food or simply as a healthy treat.



FoodStudio sets the highest standards, ensuring human-grade quality in every aspect of production, from meticulous raw material selection to adhering to strict standards used in human food preparation.

In our sauces, simplicity meets nutrition and health. The products contain only one protein source, promoting gentle digestion and proving crucial for pets with food intolerances or allergies, offering a healthy option for all.

The high collagen level in liver sauces comes primarily from our bone broth. Through a slow-cooked process, natural collagen is extracted, further enhanced by the addition of natural liver. Your pet’s well-being is ensured from the inside out, supporting joint and coat health.

Health-conscious pet owners also appreciate the low energy content of our sauces. Products with minimal fat are ideal for pets struggling with overweight issues or for those consciously caring for the animal’s healthy weight.

The irresistible aroma and taste of our sauces enhance your pet’s dining experience. Perfect for pets with discerning taste buds, these sauces not only delight but also enrich the dining table for all pets, whether as a complement to daily meals or simply as a healthy treat.