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Author: FoodStudio


All dog owners know that in the warm summer weather, dogs don’t exactly look eagerly at their food bowls and prefer to lazily seek cooler spots under bushes. A filled water bowl is essential to prevent dehydration, but you still want to provide them with extra energy and relief from excessive heat.

Broth is an indispensable tool in such situations because when frozen, it turns into ice cream.


Pour the broth into an ice cube tray or suitable silicone mold and freeze. For a larger dog, you can freeze an entire pack and simply tear off frozen pieces later.


Make sure the frozen broth piece is an appropriate size for the dog. Larger for a bigger dog and smaller accordingly. Swallowing too large a piece can cause brain freeze, which might be even worse for dogs because their body temperature is higher than humans’. A piece too small might pose a choking hazard. Every owner knows their dog and their habits. If there’s a chance your dog might become a “vacuum cleaner” with treats and inhale everything, don’t leave them alone while licking the ice cream. For safety, you can also use special toys where broth can be frozen inside, but the dog can’t bite off pieces.




Cools the body and calms the mind

Ice cream is indispensable in hot weather, and it works the same for dogs. Licking frozen broth cools the whole body and relieves discomfort caused by heat.

Provides additional activity

Lying lazily ends the moment they start licking the ice cream. It provides activity for a while, and the pleasant feeling motivates them later for a little ball game or a walk. Movement and activity are pillars of health, and encouraging them is essential.

Increases fluid levels in the body

Dehydration is easy to occur in hot weather. Even if the dog has a water bowl available all the time, they might not drink enough. Licking ice cream also supports an increase in fluid levels in the body and helps avoid potential problems.

Tastes good and supports health

Broth is irresistible to a dog’s sense of smell and taste. If the broth is also ice cream, there’s no doubt that the dog gets a complete taste experience and a pleasant cooling effect. Ice cream is a treat, but it’s absolutely healthy because when frozen, all the benefits of bone broth are preserved, such as natural collagen content, which is helpful for joints and digestion. The product is low in calories and doesn’t contain fat, so there’s no need to worry about overconsumption.